The Web Styles  Web Design and Hosting

We Design and personal or business websites. Our goal is to give our clients what they want and how they want it, and make it friendly to all platforms.

How we design your site.

Currently we comply with W3 Consortium Standards and use w3 styles to design websites to be compatible with all platforms. We try to use the current W3 standards in all our web development.

We attempt to offer our clients what they want, the way they want it and still make the site accessible to all types of media, (ie, cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktop pc). Making your site appealing to all visitors, and as functional as possible to the users and staff using the site.

No matter the type of site you are looking for, we will work hard to develop your site to your satisfaction, always taking into account your preferences and requirements.

Basic Site Information and Pricing

Basic site includes the following

  • Custom Designed Banner and Favorite Icon creation for site.
  • Index (Home) page -- This is the landing page when anyone enters your site in the browser address bar.
  • Administration Page -- The area of the site accessible only by people with permission to access that area. ( You decide who, by creating a user and their permission rank. ) Allows you to manage information on your site.
  • About Us page, a description of what you do and why you do it.
  • Contact page to let your customers or users know how to get in contact with you.

Our Design fees are $200.00 per billable hour.

Purchase of a Domain Name (your website address like "") is a seperate outside charge for which you are responsible. Currently we register domains through our server at $15.00 per year.

Our hosting package is seperate from the site design. Packages start at $25 a month and may be billed yearly as low as $240.00.

Basic Design, Domain Registration and Hosting for 1 year, average $2000.00. If you are interested in having us design a site for you, please call us at (863)458-1066 or email to discuss what we can do for you.

Advertising and Promotion for you site are your responsiblity.